FALL 2017

Here at Nanny Newfs, we're already getting ready for autumn babies.  We have a few litters in the making.  We are planning for all colors too.  Puppies will be ready to leave us, beginning early December through January.  






Pics of Beriah coming soon.

First up this fall is Isabella bred to Beriah.  For those of you who remember Ephraim, Beriah is his son.  He's a stunning chip off the ole block, and just as smoochie, but larger than his Daddy.  Nice big bone, and gray recessive too.

Dear sweet Isabella, there's not a better mommy.  She's was the first of our beautiful isabella colored girls.  She is a lovely girl, with a even more beautiful personality.

Isabella is a expecting blacks, Landseers, and grays.





Remmy and Sophie have had babies before.  They were outstanding, so it was only natural to put them together again.  Remmy is big masculine male, with a personality of a gentleman.  Sophie on the other hand, even though she is a dear sweet soul, she also has a bit of mischieviousness.  Loads of perosnality, with not a dull moment when she's around.  

Sophie's pregnancy is quite confirmed, and she is expecting blacks and Landseers.




Last up for fall is Dually and Sis.





I have failed to mention, all of our breeding pairs are health certified OFA and/or PennHIP.

If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call, or drop us a line.

304-667-4030 or nannynewfs@aol.com


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