Flint and Nana babies are in the making.  They each have good things to contribute, in making nice puppies.  Flint having enormous bone, with  Nana and her pretty face.   They both, also offer good size and confirmation, and are OFA/PennHIP certified.

Blacks and Landseers are expected.  Their pups will be ready to go near Halloween.

You can learn more about Flint and Nana, on their own webpages at, "Our Doggy Family".




FLINT, again, X RODA

Now, this pair, we are very excited about.  Knowing Roda is gray recessive, and always gives us a colorful bouquet of babies.  We are expecting blacks, grays, and possibly a Landseer.

Flint and Roda, each have good things to contribute, in making nice puppies.  Flint having great structure and disposition.  Roda with her sweet gentle ways.  Her soft eyes will melt anyone's heart. 

Flint and Roda are OFA/PennHIP certified.   


Last up for fall...GUS X REESE

Gus and Reese make a great pair.  Gus contributing a fabulous head, and Reese her long line of beauty, being a 4th generation Nanny Newf.

We are expecting an all brown litter.  Puppies ready to go, a little after Halloween. 

Gus and Reese are also OFA/PennHIP certified.



We have 2 black females, available and ready to go, from our last litters.  One is a Ephraim/Nova daughter, and the other, Noah and Glory's. 



You may see more photos, and find out more about each of our mating pairs, on their own pages, at 

Our Doggy Family.


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