Nanny's Passion For Grace


November 10, 2010


Words like admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, and sweetness, are just a few ways to describe, the meaning, behind the pink rose.

Our "ROSE", here at Nanny Newfs, has all of these marvelous qualities. 


Rose has stolen all our hearts, especially Nathanael's.  He spends quality time with her, every single day.  She is a carbon copy of her Mother, Grace, in looks as well as personality.  They both, are real affectionate, and insist on giving kisses. 


Rose comes from a long line of Nanny Newfs.  Her Daddy is Ephraim, and Grace, her Momma. 

Rose has grown into a beautiful young momma, loving and caring for her babies.  Her first litter, having 9 puppies, with 6 blacks and 3 Landseers. 


Since her youth, Rose has grown, into a solid and sound, adult.  She has large bone, with broad structure.  Great head, and most of all, sweet loving temperament to all she meets. 

Rose is PennHIP and OFA certified.


This is when I knew, Rose was "MY GIRL". 

Isn't she just the cutest thing, ever?



Friends, Rose and Daisy

Want a kiss, just get in line! 

Rose and Daisy, washing Gary's ears. 


Rosie, 16 weeks.

Rose, 7 months.